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Peau d’âne (1970)

In Film on December 24, 2005 at 11:33 pm


Donkey Skin (1970)

Directed by: Jacques Demy
Written by: Jacques Demy, Charles Perrault
Starring: Catherine Deneuve, Jean Marais

Finally get to see the 2004 digital restored version of the 1970 French film on DVD. Directed by The Umbrella of Cherbourg‘s Jacques Demy, it also starred the impossibly beautiful and elegant Catherine Deneuve~ It is a lovely, magical, innocent yet slightly wacky adaptation to the Charles Perrault version of Fairytale story “Donkey Skin”. It’s one of my favorite stories, particularly memorable because of the disturbing incest premise (errr…a much needed moral lesson for little girls back in the days?). There were about 4-5 song numbers, mostly fluffy love songs. The humor, the painterly floral set and the outrageous costumes just made it so much fun to watch.

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Winter Rose

In Novel on November 11, 2004 at 2:34 am

winterrose.jpgWinter Rose
by Patricia McKillip

After finishing Johnathan Strange I wanted to read more about faeries. I picked up this book based on the reviews saying that: 1) it is a retelling of the Scottish Tam Lin legend, and 2) the author is acclaimed to be a modern day Hans Christian Andersen. However it didn’t live up to my expectation. The weakest part, which is the major problem I have with the book, is the portrayal of the central Tam Lin character. In McKillip’s story, two sisters are enchanted (both figuratively and literally) by a man with mysterious past. But this man came across as totally boring, hence I cannot comprehend nor get into their strange fascination with this…bland nobody. McKillip’s prose is flowery, they’re borderline pretentious for my taste but they did illustrate a certain sensuality and aesthetic atmosphere. A lot of dreamy descriptions worked on a metaphoric level. I like how she depicted the rose thorns and the brutal winter storm (reminds me of Andersen‘s Snow Queen). The ‘mystery’ in the story is also quite engaging. Though another weak point for me is the villainous character of Snow Queen/Faerie Queen, who didn’t feel much of a ‘character’ as her presence was too other-worldly and metaphorically, hence less frightening and interesting (compare to another much more entertaining modern Tam Lin retelling I read before: Diana Wynne Jones‘s Fire and Hemlock).