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Hedwig and the Angry Inch @ The Roxy

In Music on April 20, 2006 at 6:13 pm

hedwigroxy.gifRain was pouring nonstop Friday night and we were lining outside soaking wet sans umbrella at The Roxy Theater to get into the Hedwig and the Antry Inch show. On top of the pricey ticket, The Roxy forced everyone to buy $15 drink tickets when we get in. -_-;;; But it’s all worthwhile. To see Hedwig live is a much different but more fitting (the way it ought to be) experience from watching the film version; it is both a small livehouse rock concert + standup comic. Hedwig’s story is still as hilarious and emotional. Playing Hedwig was the incredible Donovan Leitch, and the one playing the female-as-male bandmate was not Bijou Phillipes as saids on flyer. The tall, dark and handsome Donovan Jr. is amazing, even though he seems lot taller and bigger than the original creator/performer James Cameron Mitchell, he still looks divine as Hedwig. Better yet, at the end when Hedwig striped his drag queen attair and transformed to a rock star, god he was so HOT! *O* His voice is more waspy and deep, making songs like “Wig in a Box” and “Wicked Little Town” very Bowiesque….*LOVE*!!! The audience was great, they were way more animated than a lot of the crowd from the actual rock concerts I’ve been to. Some of the audience were such crazy fans, this one girl can’t stop crying out loud “this song is SO FUCKING GOOD!” after “Wicked little Town” was played. ^^;; The show is just awesome…though Yitzhak’s transformation at the end isn’t as powerful as the film version because her dim entrance was drown in the finale.