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Amarcord (1973)

In Film on January 6, 2005 at 7:56 am


Fellini‘s whimsical recollection of his youth in a little sea-side town during the days of Italy’s Fascism in 30s. There’s not much of a story, just different episodic accounts of the colorful town folks’ simple lives and their fantasies. Their lives are weaved by ritualistic highlights: the flower that blew all over town indicating the end of winter, bonfire party to welcome spring, boat-greeting to passing-by giant ship, the Fascist Parade, etc. Fellini got a flamboyant style that’s just so beautiful like poetry, and this film is not that bizarre nor pretentious (by his standard ^^;;). The camera works and scenery are just pure pleasure to look at. The first thing I noticed are the soundtrack by Nino Rota, I LOVE the theme music. The music got a festive parade sound that sound very fitting.

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Troll ~A Love Story~

In Novel on January 6, 2005 at 2:59 am

troll-thumb.jpgTroll ~A Love Story~ (2000)
Johanna Sinisalo

Originally titled ‘Ennen päivänlaskua ei voi‘ (translated as ‘Not Before Sundown’) in Finnish, it finally got translated and released here four years later. It won the highest Finnish literature award Finlandia. The story set place in contemporary world with a slight alternate history twist: mythical creature troll‘s existence has been scientifically proven and identified as real but extremely rare species since early 1900s. The legends of troll are originally found in Norse Mythology and Scandinavian folklores. I’ve read stories about Finnish trolls before: the Moominvalley by Tove Jansson ^^;;! In this book trolls are not that cuddly at all, they are 2 meters tall demonic cat+ape-like creatures who hide out in forest and caves.

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