I’m Not Scared (2003)

In Film on November 15, 2004 at 6:48 pm


I’m Not Scared is an emotional and powerful thriller/drama from Italy about moral, choice, betrayal and courage, I love it very much. It’s a classic coming-of-age and loss of innocent story about a boy being forced into make a difficult moral choice and decision too early for his age.


The story is set in a tiny rural village back in the 70s, where a ten year old boy Michele, discover a hidden underground hole where a mysterious boy is chained inside. He was frigthen at first to see a boy same age as him being starved, imprisoned and living in filthy condition like a living corpse. He tried to make up story to rationalize the predicament of the boy, who had became a bit crazy due to the trauma and torture. Michele’s fear was soon overcomed. He kept his discoveries a secret to himself, helping the boy by sneaking food and water, waiting for the right time to tell others about it. As he began to develop a friendship with the boy, Michele slowly realized his own father and other ‘uncles’ in the village were involved in some kind of conspiracy with the chained boy. Michele was forced into making very difficult choices when the turns of event threaten the chained boy’s life. His strong sense of right/wrong and courage helped him made the choice that would eventually led to a heartbreaking ending. The film was beautifully shot, the wheat field is almost surreal like, there are some quite interesting extreme close up shots too.

I gotta say, the boy who played Michele is very cute, he’ll be so handsome when he grew up! His acting was amazing. I read that he was just some local kid they cast who never act before. The director also filmed the film in sequence, and only reveal the story bit by bit to the kids so they only learn the “truth” as the filming go on, perhaps that’s why the acting feel natural.

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